At a Potluck everyone brings food to share. Below are some guidelines for our Get Healthy Marshall Community potlucks.

  1. Please bring enough food for at least 6-8 people to try.
  2. We will provide water, ice, cups, plates, napkins and serving utensils.
  3. Make copies of your recipe to share – or at the very least a list of ingredients in case someone has food allergies.
  4. We also ask that all recipes be peanut free. This is such a common and potentially life threatening allergy that we have decided to leave peanuts off the menu so that adults and children who are sensitive to them can attend our events safely.

This is a healthy, whole foods, plant strong potluck so unhealthy ingredients should be excluded.

That means: NO refined flours, NO added oils, NO Meat, NO poultry, NO fish, NO seafood, NO dairy (which includes milk, butter, cheese, sour cream and buttermilk), NO eggs, NO gelatin, NO lard, NO chicken stock, NO beef bouillon, and NO other animal products of any kind.



Remember you can go to The Marshall Public Library and find an excellent selection of cookbooks that feature just the kind of food that would be perfect for an E2 potluck. A list of titles can be found here.

You can also find many healthy and delicious recipes online by visiting the following  websites…


The Blissful Chef

The Happy Herbivore

Engine 2 Recipes

Fat Free Vegan Recipes